University of Edinburgh Business School
Leading Strategic Change Masterclass
November 16, 2018

Understanding how to Lead Strategic Change has become a vital skill for leaders in private, public and non-profit organisations.

With change often feared, and the processes that lead to effective transformation ill-understood, those who are able to engage with change and provide leadership clarity are highly valued. This two-day programme led by CSL Co-Director Professor John Amis is designed to equip participants with the skills required to evaluate why and where change is needed. It will provide insight into how to develop change programmes that can be implemented effectively and create an environment in which new practices and processes can be sustained.

The programme draws heavily on real-world experiences and case studies showcasing more (and less) effective ways to approach change along with experiential exercises and proven ways to engage people in the change process. The latest version of this highly successful annual workshop was held on 15–16 November 2018. Contact John Amis for additional details.