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The Centre for Strategic Leadership (CSL) undertakes research projects which are funded by the University of Edinburgh, research councils and external organisations commissioned research funded by members of the business and government organisations. We also offer advice and consultancy services to a variety of sectors including industry, non-profits and government.

Processes of entrepreneurial leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership is at the nexus of entrepreneurship and leadership but it remains atheoretical, and lacks definitional clarity and appropriate tools to assess its characteristics, behaviours and impacts on practice. For some, there is nothing distinctive about the entrepreneurial firm context and it is appropriate to simply extend existing leadership research into entrepreneurship.

Leadership & Strategic Change

A key aspect of leadership in any organisation is the ability to design and implement strategic change initiatives. From the initial consideration of what is involved in change, to creating a vision of what the future might involve, and implementing that vision, strategic change requires active engagement with those throughout the organisation.

Leadership development: Developing the Strategic Mindset

Today’s leaders must anticipate changes in rapid paced, global environments. What are the ways in which strategic leaders not only think creatively themselves but also encourage creativity and innovation in their colleagues and employees? What are the ways in which these skill sets are developed that most benefit leaders and their organisations?


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